Mirror Master Gunning for Captain Cold's Spot in 'The Flash'

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There’s a power vacuum in Central City’s criminal underworld, and someone is going to fill it at any cost. After Captain Cold’s “death” near the end of Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, Central City’s crime rings were left without a central leader. Thus far in The Flash Season 3, no Rogues have appeared except Alchemy. However, this week’s episode, “The New Rogues” introduces Mirror Master (Grey Damon) and Top (Ashley Rickards) as a couple gunning for Captain Cold’s vacated position.

It will be a short-lived attempt, however, as Captain Cold will return, alive, evidenced by photos released by the CW. Captain Cold himself is set to join the Legion of Doom this season on Legends of Tomorrow.

Executive producer Todd Helbing says of Mirror Master and Top, “The two of them combined are sort of taking over the mantle of the Rogues now that Captain Cold has sort of stepped aside, and they both as a team create a lot of problems for Flash and our team.”

That team, it should be added, are uneasy pursuing villains without a reliable Harrison Wells on their team. Wells tells them that, because of the multiverse, there are other versions of Harrison Wells they could recruit. It seems The Flash will be holding auditions for new mentors.

Check out some of the photos below. Here, Mirror Master and Top get cozy together while robbing a bank, meant to solidify their place in Central City’s crime scene.

Racing to stop them are the Flash (Barry Allen, played by series lead Grant Gustin) and Jesse Quick (returning guest star Violett Beane), looking fly in her own costume.

Below, Mirror Master is irked when Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) returns. When you aim for the king, you best not miss.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on the CW.

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