Nissan Shows Off Wild 'Star Wars' Mods on Its Rogue SUV

Jack Crosbie

Nissan’s big with millennials, a fact it touted during its press conference on Wednesday at the New York Auto Show. It didn’t introduce any new models at the last big auto show of the season, but it did offer plenty to look at if you’re a Star Wars nerd.

Nissan showed off a Rogue compact SUV that was inspired by the resistance’s X-wing fighter as seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It even has the S-foils — movable wings — characteristic of an X-wing. Plus, it’s hard to miss an R2 unit atop it.

This is a theatrical-looking version of the limited edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue that debuted back in November at the LA Auto show. Only 5,400 were made and a Nissan executive told Inverse Wednesday that most had been sold. The X-Wing-styled Rogue would fit perfectly into Nissan’s Star Wars virtual reality experience.

In 2016, Nissan was first in what it said were sales to millennials, said Christian Meunier, Nissan’s senior vice president of sales and marketing in North America.

“Where just a few years ago, people were writing millennials off as not being interested in driving cars, these tech-savvy customers have emerged as a very powerful buying segment,” Meunier said. “Our 500,000-plus millennial sales in 2016 represented 36 percent of our brand’s total.”

But back to the X-Wing-inspired Rogue. Here are photos we shot on Wednesday.

Jack Crosbie

In addition to the X-Wing, there was this desert tank. We love a good SUV-to-tank mod. There’s no clear Star Wars comparison with the tank below, though, and, sadly, there’s no plan to put this vehicle up for sale.

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