Nissan Just Debuted a Star Wars Car at the LA Auto Show

And you get a free stormtrooper helmet.

Nissan debuted a limited edition Star Wars version of its Rogue SUV on Wednesday that will be available by the end of the month.

In a splashy press conference at the LA Auto Show — complete with a massive TIE Fighter that you might have seen at Star Wars Celebration in London this past summer — Nissan unveiled the model that includes only subtle Star Wars touches — insignia on the doors and sewn into the floor mats, plus other symbols from the franchise.

The Rogue on a desert planet. 

Nissan is limiting the vehicle to just 5,400 cars and made it available for order on its website. 5,000 will be sold in the United States and 400 in Canada.

“It was a joint discussion between Lucasfilm and ourselves, but the main point is when you name something limited edition, it needs to be limited in production, that’s how it becomes a little extra special,” Jeremy Meadows, senior manager of marketing strategy for Nissan, told Inverse after the debut.

The car comes in black and white models, and on average, each of Nissan’s 1,100 American dealerships will have four cars, two black and two white.

“It’s going to be very, very precious, very limited, not a car that’s going to be available for the next six to eight months,” Michael Bunce, Nissan’s vice president of product planning, told Inverse.

Don’t expect a car that’s all that different from the Rogue you see on the streets, other than the aforementioned Star Wars branding elements. Meadows explained the subtle efforts as an attempt to maintain the car’s design and still be attractive to Star Wars fans.

Each Nissan Rogue comes with one of these.

The novelties continue with merch, too. Each car comes with the helmet for the Imperial Death Trooper, the Empire’s all-black soldiers in Rogue One.

“We will contact customers shortly after they make their purchase, and send it to them directly,” Meadows explained, meaning that you won’t see it in the driver’s seat when take a test drive.

A 'Rogue One' doorbadge.

The Nissan Rogue Rogue One edition has a suggested retail cost of $28,950.

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