Thor About Hulk: "He's a Friend From Work!"

With Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” as the driving background music, the Thor: Ragnarok trailer was released on Monday, full of retro-graphics and Star Wars-feeling costumes and practical effects; it’s a thumping teaser for a summer November action movie that offers a thoroughly satisfying revelation.

We find Chris Hemsworth’s Thor forced into Roman-style gladiatorial combat, with Jeff Goldlum’s Grandmaster assuming the role of an Augustus. The trailer builds to the moment when Thor, donning a silly helmet, waits for his opponent to be introduced. The gate slowly, tediously, opens before it’s smashed to bits. It’s Hulk, also wearing a silly helmet. Everyone in the arena is surprised to see that Thor knows his opponent.

“Yes!” he exclaims with joy, adding: “We know each other. He’s a friend from work!”

Of course, Hulk’s uncontrollable anger means he can’t really reconcile that relationship, so the two fly at each other to do battle. It’s a wonderful first official introduction to the movie.

There's Hulk.

It’s totally, fine, Thor promises.

Watch the full trailer here: