The 25 Best Memes From 'The Walking Dead'



AMC’s The Walking Dead wrapped up its seventh season on Sunday with a notable character death that reflected what happened in the comics, and though the show endured its lowest ratings in years due to a dour, zombie-lite season focused far too much on Negan, that won’t stop us from giving the TV’s most popular zombie show the lighthearted meme treatment it deserves.

Not a lot of humor happens on The Walking Dead organically. Nary a laugh can be found for long stretches of time, especially when main characters get clobbered or devoured on the regular. Take the time to enjoy these memes during the long and formidable wait for Season 8. Whether you want more walkers or not, in no particular order, here are 30 of the best “Coral” Dad Jokes and other laughably twisted memes that have come out of this seven-season endeavor that has been AMC’s The Walking Dead:

Admit That You Were Thinking It, Too

Rick Gets the Most Accurate “Think(s) I do” Treatment Ever

They Raise a Good Point

Rick’s Always Got “Stuff” and “Things”

Fast-forward a Couple Seasons …

How to Start a War With Rick Grimes

Maybe That’s Why He and Lori Can Never Find Carl

Rick’s Had a Lot of Relationship Issues Over the Years

And He Can Never Get Away From It

Pokémon GO Is Everywhere

This Is the Greatest Mystery of All Time

The Governor Always Keeps His Eye on the Prize

Just a Typical Abraham-Eugene Conversation

We’ve Got Our Eye on These Memes

Eye Don’t Know How I Feel About This One

Eye Can’t Stop, and Neither Can Rick

The Eye and Limb Dad Jokes Keep Coming

And Then It Hit Me …

New Levels of WTF

It’s Pointless, Coral

Constipated Carl, Coming to a Theater Near You

Arrrr He Loves the Sea

Get It POULTRY-geist!?

By Far, This One Is the Most Savage Coral Dad Joke of All Time

From the Great Beyond