'Walking Dead' Preps for Explosive Finale by Following Comics

Eugene completely screwed up yet another tense situation on this week’s Walking Dead, delivering poison to Sasha instead of the weapon she specifically asked for.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead, both comics and television show, follow.

After being nearly raped by one of the Saviors, Sasha mulls over Negan’s offer — join the Saviors and get yourself some fancy bedding — while Rick and the rest of the gang steal guns from the all-womyn commune in the woods. In the penultimate episode of Season 7, everyone stumbles around the frame, getting themselves into place for the war we’ve been promised for weeks now.

In the last few episodes, The Walking Dead has synced itself back up with Robert Kirkman’s original comics, putting Sasha in place as Holly, and Michonne into Andrea’s position as Rick’s girlfriend. This week, we even got confirmation that Daryl was not the shadowy archer who confronted Rosita, which means the person asking Rick to join his crew in the episode’s final moments is very, very likely Dwight.

We also saw Gregory out himself as a big ol'wimp trying to protect pregnant Maggie


If the show follows the comics next week, Negan will kill Sasha before she gets a chance to do anything, and he’ll sick her on Rick’s family with a bag on her head, hiding the fact that she’s a zombie until she gets close enough to bite. We’ll also see Dwight switch sides against the Saviors, and we might get to see Ezekiel and his tiger in action.

Of course, The Walking Dead has an exciting history of tweaking little plot-points to make an impact on knowledgeable readers — like killing both Abraham and Glenn off — so it’s possible that Eugene might throw a monkey wrench into Sasha’s storyline. However, it’s all but confirmed that Sasha will kick the bucket next week. We just don’t know if she’ll be the sole casualty.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

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