The Best Weapons Available in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' 

A collection of our favorite weapons in BioWare's latest space epic. 

Nicholas Bashore

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a role-playing experience filled with different ways to customize your own personal Ryder, whether it be through the new Profiles, unlimited ability access, armor customization, or more importantly: weapons. Instead of being limited to those you pick up in the field, Andromeda has introduced an entire crafting system which follows the same concept as Dragon Age: Inquisition. Now, you’re able to create your own dream arsenal during your journey through the Andromeda Galaxy.

Picking from Andromeda’s diverse new selection of weaponry can be quite the challenge, however, especially since you must dedicate time to researching and developing every weapon you’re interested in trying out yourself. While the idea of a “best weapon” will always be somewhat subjective, a clear few that rise above the rest depending on how you play the game. So, whether you’re looking for a few recommendations to mix up your current loadout or powerful additions worth working towards, here are some of our favorite weapons available in Andromeda.

(Please keep in mind these are all blueprints of the highest quality, as to represent the weapons best base stats).

Nicholas Bashore

N7 Valkyrie Assault Rifle

Essentially a more accurate version of the Avenger assault rifle, the N7 Valkyrie is an absolute powerhouse provided you are a very accurate player when engaging enemies on the battlefield. Unlike the Mattock, the N7 Valkyrie sports a lower weight while still packing heavy damage, solid accuracy, and a relatively fast rate of fire even though it has a low clip size of 16. Naturally, you’ll be able to craft a better version which has a higher clip size and quicker reload, making this beauty one of the best assault rifles available in Andromeda for players looking for accuracy and damage.

Nicholas Bashore

Scorpion Pistol

One of my personal favorites from Mass Effect 3, the Scorpion pistol is back in Andromeda with the same powerful kick and reliable accuracy of its predecessors. Even though it’s classified as a pistol, the Scorpion is a mini-grenade launcher with explosives that stick to walls and enemies before detonating after a short time passes by. Despite being issued to the Salarian Special Task Group in an effort to allow smaller units to contain larger enemy forces, it works best when used against heavy hitters such as Fiends or Destroyers once their defenses have been worn down.

Nicholas Bashore

Hurricane SMG

Designed as a backup weapon for players who utilize a long- to medium-range playstyle, the Hurricane SMG is a wonderful weapon built to tear up targets who get a little too close for comfort. While it doesn’t have the biggest damage potential for a submachine gun, it has an alarmingly high rate of fire and a large clip capacity of 40 combined into a highly accurate weapon platform. It may not be the best at eliminating targets in a few shots, but boy can it lay down a wall of fire at anything coming your way.

Nicholas Bashore

Scattershot Shotgun

A member of the newly introduced Remnant arsenal, the Scattershot is a shotgun designed for players who are looking to keep their enemies at a decent range while not having to worry about reloading. Like the Hurricane SMG, the Scattershot is fantastic for eliminating threats trying to overrun your position with Remnant energy beams that can punch through shields with easy. Due to the weapon’s origins, you also won’t have to worry about reloading, since the Scattershot simply recharges after a few seconds of inactivity. If you aren’t a fan of shotguns but want close-quarters stopping power, this one is built specifically for you.

Nicholas Bashore

Sidewinder Pistol

Newly introduced in Andromeda, the Sidewinder Pistol looks like something straight out of Destiny built to provide a rapid-firing, heavy-hitting weapon platform with decent accuracy. Crafted by those exiled from the Nexus, the Sidewinder is a very versatile and reliable pistol that works well when used as a sidearm instead of a primary weapon. It may not back the punch of the Carnifex, but it makes up for the damage reduction with quick reloads and a slightly higher ammunition capacity.

Nicholas Bashore

Black Widow Sniper Rifle

One of the classic original Mass Effect trilogy weapons present in Andromeda, the Black Widow is a higher-capacity version of the single-shot Widow and can fire three powerful shots per thermal clip. Despite the increased clip capacity at the expense of damage, the Black Widow can still eliminate most enemy targets in one to two headshots. Due to the adjustments made by Andromeda Initiative engineers, it’s also easier to acquire and track targets at further distances through environmental conditions, helping the Black Widow become a weapon perfect for any situation when paired with the Infiltrator Profile.

Nicholas Bashore

Revenant Assault Rifle

Easily the rarest and more expensive weapon available in the Milky Way galaxy on Black Markets, the Revenant is the preferred weapon of warlords and pirates thanks to its firepower and sleek red profile. Featuring one of the largest thermal clip sizes in Andromeda, the Revenant can throw out a barrage of sustained fire on enemy positions while your teammates push through their defensive positions as they hide behind cover. Even though it has a long reload time and isn’t very accurate, this beast excels in close- to medium-range engagements where you can use it without any noticing the negative drawbacks.

Nicholas Bashore

Asari Sword

The melee weapon of choice for elite Asari huntresses, the Asari Sword is built to be handled by masters of silent stalking and killing whose combat prowess are supplemented by biotic abilities. Not only does this sword have the highest damage output of any melee weapon in the game, it also phases you out of existence using biotic energy during the windup animation, making you completely invulnerable to damage when melee attacking enemies in combat. It may take some getting used to, but this sword is a great addition to any character build centered on biotics.

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