How to Get the Shirtless Gladio Outfit in the New 'FFXV' DLC

Fans love the new "outfit" — or lack thereof — in the latest DLC chapter.


It’s hard to figure out what the plot of Final Fantasy XV’s new Gladiolus-centric DLC is because all fans can talk about is how you can unlock a “Rugged Attire” for your team’s heavy hitter, rendering Gladiolus shirtless 100 percent of the time, even in the main game. We’re here to guide all you thirst-lords on your way to barechested greatness in Episode: Gladiolus.

You spend all of Final Fantasy XV as Noctis, heir to the throne, who teleports around the battlefield at great speeds using all manner of weapons (sometimes many at once with poorly defined, telekinetic Royalty powers). Prompto is the goofy, chattering sidekick type who shoots both guns and photos. Ignis is the smooth and stylish no-nonsense dad of the group, brandishing spears and daggers deftly across the battlefield. But, in the new DLC, you get to play as Gladio (as his buds call him). He’s the towering, buff Royal Guard who swings impossibly giant broadswords around. The new DLC episode is all about his quest to gain more power to protect his king, teaming up with Cor the Immortal to earn that power by fighting Gilgamesh. It just so happens that earning such raw power also involves the optional removal of one’s shirt.

The “Rugged Attire,” as it’s formally known, boosts Gladiolus’s strength by a hefty 200 points. To acquire it, players must first complete the entire chapter, and then participate in the Score Attack mode, in which they’ll have to rack up 500,000 points or more. Total score is based on a variety of factors, including time spent, overall combat rating, kill count, combos, and the number of healing items used. Generally speaking, efficient combat through the use of combos and counter attacks will get you more points than finishing quickly.

The absolute best way to rack up your store is by parrying enemy attacks with the Block command — on PS4, that’s pressing the Square button at the right time as an enemy attacks. That will offer a hefty damage boost. There are also large stone pillars in the ruins that Gladio can pull out of the ground and swing around as a weapon. Particularly with larger enemies, these can help you take them down more efficiently. You’ll also want to max out your Valor meter before coming up against any bosses or large enemies that will allow Gladio to hulk out by dual-wielding two huge swords. That will allow you to quickly and efficiently wipe out your enemies. Remember, speed is of the essence.

So, there you have it. After racking up 500,000 points or more in Score Attack, you can take barechested Gladio into the main game. Now if we could just get Prompto in some chubbies and Ignis with a trucker hat.

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