Basically Every Fan Theory Was True in 'Power Rangers'

Rita, Zordon, and their complicated history was guessed by fans.


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have returned in full force in Saban’s Power Rangers. The reboot movie, directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) reboots the ‘90s staple, and despite a mixed reception from critics — some love it, some really hate it — hardcore fans are ecstatic to learn that basically every theory they had speculating Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), Zordon, and the mythical Green Ranger panned out. Here’s exactly what fans got right.

Spoilers, obviously, for Power Rangers follow.

Zordon Was Once the Red Ranger.

First things first: The new movie rewrites over the TV show’s continuity by turning Zordon into a former Power Ranger himself, instead of just being a wizard who always mentored each generation. Fans guessed this theory when actor Bryan Cranston signed a copy of his autobiography to Andrew Gray, who starred as the Red Ranger in 2013’s Power Rangers Megaforce. Cranston signed his book: “To a Power Ranger, from a Power Ranger. Be well.”

Right from the start of the film, Zordon was the Red Ranger in the Cenozoic period, whose team was decimated from within by a traitor in their ranks.

Rita Repulsa Was the Green Ranger.

When Zordon was the Red Ranger, Rita was the Green Ranger, a theory many fans had. The film strongly hints that Rita wasn’t welcomed in the team, leading her to dark magic and becoming the evil sorceress she is now.

This theory began when Rita Repulsa’s green armor — a departure from her Wicked Witch of the West get-up in the TV series — was first unveiled last spring. Fans immediately began wondering what connection Rita would have to the rest of the Power Rangers, whose armor bore an uncanny resemblance to Rita’s. Actress Elizabeth Banks fueled speculation when a fan on Twitter asked her what the deal was with her green armor. “Ah, now you’ve hit something,” she replied. “Why indeed?” Now, we know: Rita was the Green Ranger.

Rita Killed Rangers Before, But Which Rangers?

In the trailer, Rita Repulsa uttered some ominous words: “I’ve killed Rangers before.” This led to two popular ideas:

1) Rita killed her fellow Power Rangers. This one was true!

2) Rita Repulsa might have hopped to an alternate universe — the long-running TV show! — and killed Power Rangers there. This idea was fueled by the fact that Star Trek producer Roberto Orci was producing Power Rangers. In 2009’s Star Trek, the movie connected to the TV show through some fancy time and space hopping, and Power Rangers fans wondered if their film would do the same. But this would have been way more complicated for a general audience. Plus, Orci departed from Power Rangers way back in 2014.

Saban’s Power Rangers is in theaters now.

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