The Flash Does Yoga in New 'Justice League' Teaser

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The Flash may be the fastest man alive, but in a teaser hyping the release of the Justice League trailer, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) takes some time to slow down. In one of the many character-focused teasers released this week, the Flash chills out with some yoga before tapping into the Speed Force to zip around.

In Justice League, Barry Allen is a forensic scientist for the Central City police department who is recruited by Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) to join an elite team of meta-humans to fight an incoming force of evil. Unlike the Flash we see every week on The CW, this Barry Allen seems more chill, doing yoga before running around as the Fastest Man Alive.

A couple of experienced yogis might spot what Ezra Miller’s Barry is doing in these teasers. The first seen is the Tadasana, or the mountain pose, with hands formed in an anjali mudra. The second is a side lunge, or the Skandasana, which is a common form in yoga, and a stretch for runners.

Although it’s just 15 seconds, this teaser reveals just how different Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen will be in Zack Snyder’s movie compared to Grant Gustin’s puppy dog version on The CW. Generally speaking, science supports yoga as a meditation to calm oneself and slow down, which says a lot about this Barry if he’s a practitioner. Perhaps his superpower keeps him going so fast at all times, that he needs to actively try to find little moments of zen.

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Check out the teaser for Justice League below. Similar teasers highlighting Batman and Aquaman were released on Thursday.

Justice League will be released November 17.

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