'Justice League' Shows Off an Especially Grim Batman in New Teaser

Riding the wave sent by the Aquaman-centric Justice League teaser released this morning, Batman is here in a badass new teaser to foreshadow the impending doom of Saturday’s full trailer. Best of all? He’s literally standing on Death itself.

The 15-second teaser, titled “Unite the League,” is entirely focused on Batman and his role in bringing together Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash in the upcoming team-up. Bruce Wayne stands worried in wintery plainclothes, presumably in his initial confrontation with Aquaman. Batman recklessly perches atop a gargoyle of Death during a lightning storm. And he also brandishes some sweet new Batgoggles as he fires heavy machine guns from the Batmobile at what looks to be the same type of flying Parademon he saw in Batman v Superman’s “Knightmare” scene. The final shot is the recycled scene of the five heroes waiting as some sort of bay door lowers.

It’s all in an effort to drum up enthusiasm for a full trailer dropping on Saturday. Considering its start with Aquaman several hours ago, paired with a character poster, and now Batman’s intensely badass montage, we’re bound to see the other Justice Leaguers in the next 24 hours.

Take a look at Batman’s “Unite the League” teaser below:

And here is the accompanying character poster:

Ben Affleck Twitter

Justice League hits theaters November 17.

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