How David Bowie Fits Into 'American Gods' 


In Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods, the god of Media takes on the appearance of I Love Lucy’s Lucy Ricardo. But Bryan Fuller, who is helming the American Gods television show, has implied that David Bowie will play a role in Gillian Anderson’s onscreen version of the character.

American Gods is about a brewing conflict between old gods from classic mythology across different cultures and new gods like Technology and Media. Because the novel was published 16 years before its television adaptation, some characters like Technical Boy are getting necessary modern updates. After all, if a story is commenting on American culture, it shouldn’t feel outdated.

On his Twitter, Bryan Fuller recently implied that Gillian Anderson’s god of Media will also get an update in the form of not solely taking on the appearance of Lucy Ricardo. As she’s hardly the only iconic pop culture figure, this makes sense.

Fuller tweeted a collage of Gillian Anderson made up to resemble four famous faces from pop culture and captioned it, “The Many Faces of Media.” They consist of Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie, Lucy Ricardo, and Judy Garland.

One enterprising fan separated and identified Monroe, Bowie, Ricardo, and Garland. Fuller also tweeted their findings with the caption, “WELL-DONE!” If this means Gillian Anderson will appear as Ziggy Stardust, American Gods will be more magical than ever.

American Gods premieres on April 30 on Starz.

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