Bryan Cranston Wore a 'Power Rangers' Suit on 'The Late Show'


Bryan Cranston might have shiny awards and recognition for his work on Breaking Bad and Trumbo, but he’s not afraid to get cheesy. To promote Saban’s Power Rangers, which arrives in theaters on March 24, Cranston suited up in a cheap Red Power Ranger costume for a fun, hysterically awkward interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

In an absolutely silly segment between friends — Cranston has been Colbert’s guest several times, including back on The Colbert Report — Cranston showed humor about his role in the film that reboots the ‘90s phenomenon. He played the interview with a (mostly) straight face while doing some bizarre improv, like joking that he can change his body temperature.

After showing a new clip of Cranston as Zordon, Colbert showed another scene from the original Power Rangers series. Before he became Walter White, Cranston was a working actor and did a number of gigs for Saban Entertainment, an early importer of anime to the United States. Cranston provided his deep, trembling voice for a number of cartoons like Teknoman and Macross Plus and eventually even played monsters for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Colbert showed a clip of Cranston as the snake-lizard, “Snizzard,” from the Season 1 episode “Foul Play in the Sky.”

Watch Cranston’s appearance below:

Saban’s Power Rangers will be released on March 24.

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