There Was Another 'A New Hope' Character Hiding in 'Rogue One'

He may not be your favorite Star Wars character, but General Hurst Romodi is one more familiar face that popped up in both Rogue One and A New Hope. That’s right, in addition to Grand Moff Tarkin, Ponda Boba and Dr. Evazan, another baddie from the very first Star Wars film showed up in Rogue One. And this time, he had something to say.

Today on Reddit, a user named I am Snoke (that clears that up) noticed actor Andy de la Tour played General Hurst Romodi in Rogue One. In the new movie, he’s a guy who asks Tarkin, “Sir, should I begin targeting their fleet?” But, previously, he was a silent man sitting at that big conference table in A New Hope, totally loving Tarkin’s speech about how the Emperor is dissolving the Senate. Back in 1977, General Romodi was obviously played by by a different man; Ian Selby. But in 2016, de la Tour took up the mantle of perhaps the most underrated Star Wars character ever: a dude famous for sitting at a table silently.

What up? You want me to sit silently next time we hang out?


General Romodi, like Tarkin, was also a veteran of the Clone Wars back when the Empire was still the Republic. He and his buddy Tarkin were responsible for dealing with the “unruly Western Reaches.” Meaning, he had a reputation for taking out rebellions before there was “the Rebellion.” According to Wookieepedia, the reason why Romodi was chosen out of all the dudes at the A New Hope conference table was because he would be the easiest to recast.

Rogue One is out on Blu-ray and DVD this weekend.

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