Three Classic Monopoly Tokens Are Being Replaced

A dinosaur, penguin, and bath toy are subbing in.

Monopoly, a board game that’s fun up until about hour 15, is undergoing a massive change. After the result of a vote earlier this year, three of the classic, apparently not-so-beloved tokens are being replaced with new, hipper alternatives.

First, the good news: There was a chance that the entire cast of tokens could have been replaced with garish emoji pieces. That, thankfully, didn’t happen, and none of the new tokens are internet-based. The winners of the vote were a T. Rex, rubber duck, and a penguin. As Gizmodo notes, all three of the winners are birds of some sort, which is interesting.

The newcomers, selected from a roster of 64 possibilities, will bump out some of the board game’s original pieces. Pour some out for the thimble, shoe, and wheelbarrow. The thimble and shoe especially were veteran tokens since they dated back to the original version of the game in 1935. But, after 82 years, America decided to kick them to the curb.

Here they are, your new Monopoly tokens. Are you happy, America? You did this.


New versions of the Monopoly will feature a much more animal-heavy cast of tokens than traditional editions of the game did in the past. Now, players will be able to choose between the three new tokens, as well as a battleship, a top hat, a race car, and a cat, who until just now was the most-recent addition to the Monopoly crew.

So, enjoy having to give all your Monopoly money to a dinosaur the next time you land on Park Place.