Voters Could Replace All the Original Monopoly Tokens With Emoji

There are 64 candidates in the Monopoly Token Madness Vote.


Monopoly, a board game best known for causing family fights when grandma tries to screw you over with a hotel on Park Place, could change in a big, big way. Hasbro announced on Monday that it is launching a contest where fans can vote on a roster of 64 possible tokens to decide what the new playing pieces should be. All of the classic tokens, including the top hat, thimble, and Scottie dog, are on the chopping block, meaning that voters could elect to replace these time-honored tokens with a variety of little golden emoji.

“The Monopoly Token Madness Vote lets our passionate fans choose all eight tokens in the Monopoly game and no token — not even the Scottie dog — is safe!” Hasbro Gaming’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Jonathan Berkowitz announced in a release. Voting, which takes place, fittingly at, started on Tuesday, and the polls will be open until January 31. The eight winners will be revealed on March 19, World Monopoly Day.

The current roster of tokens consists of a top hat, thimble, battleship, shoe, Scottie dog, car, wheelbarrow, and cat (who was only added in 2013 when a vote replaced the iron with it). The first four tokens date all the way back to the original version of the game in 1935. All of them could be replaced by an especially zeitgeisty bunch of candidates.

Several of the possibilities are emoji, and there’s a hashtag, natch.


Some of the non-emoji options include a computer, rubber duck, a flip-flop, sliced bread, and a weirdly over-detailed T. Rex.


You can see all 64 of the options over on the voting website. Nobody should tell you how to vote, but please just think long and hard before deciding to replace a nearly century-old icon with a fleet digital smiley faces.