Looks Like Valyrian Steel Is a Lot Flimsier Than We Thought


It seems that Valyrian steel is weakening over time just when Westeros needs it most. As one of the only two known substances that can kill a White Walker in HBO’s Game of Thrones, Valyrian blades will soon be in even higher demand than ever before when the Night’s King makes it passed the Wall, and Valyrian steel might not be up for the challenge anymore.

Reddit user HouseZanotta submitted a GIF to r/gameofthrones on Thursday, pointing out the “Valyrian Rubber” that Jon Snow’s sword seemed to be made out of. The GIF is slowed down from the actual speed of the scene, where the unnatural movement of Jon’s sword, Longclaw, is barely visible unless you’re looking for it. Clearly, someone was paying close attention while watching Season 6’s “Battle of the Bastards.”

The snafu is a seemingly rare occurrence for Game of Thrones, a show with a $10 million per episode budget and an award-winning design team, which makes the spot by HouseZanotta all the funnier, and perhaps a bit disappointing. The illusion is shattered. Valyrian steel isn’t nearly as strong as the world thought it was.



Valyrian steel is in short supply these days in Westeros. There hasn’t been a new Valyrian blade made since the Doom of Valyria, when the great forges and the city of Old Valyria were destroyed and then, indirectly, conquered by House Targaryen. In the centuries since, many Valyrian blades have been lost, making the remaining weapons extremely important. There’s a reason why Sam dealt with his dickwad of a dad in Season 6 to swipe House Tarly’s sword, Heartsbane.

Luckily, Jon’s wobbly blade was just a funny goof, or at least, we hope it was since Westeros needs Valyrian steel now more than ever to take on the Night King’s oncoming army.

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