'Logan' Almost Had a Jean Grey Scene, But It Will Be on the Blu-ray

20th Century Fox

Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final, moving outing as Wolverine, was certainly not without its gloomy moments. Pretty much all of the mutants — including some pretty beloved characters — are gone, and pretty much only Professor X and Logan are left. However, at one point the film contained a scene that talk explained what, exactly, happened to one of the most important people in Logan and Professor X’s life: Jean Grey.

As director James Mangold told Empire, the deleted Jean Grey scene would’ve taken place during the dinner scene at the Munson’s farm around the middle of the movie. Spoilers from here on out.

As we learn through a radio news report that Logan quickly switches off, several of the X-Men died because Professor X has a degenerative brain disease. When he had a seizure of some sort at his school in Westchester, it led to the deaths of his beloved students and team. The final cut of the movie doesn’t specify who exactly dies, but the original draft revealed that Jean was one of the casualties.

As Mangold explains:

“I sketched out different conversations for that dinner scene and one of them went to a much darker place. Mrs. Munson asks Logan if he’s married, and Charles says he was — but he killed her. Of course, he wasn’t really married, but what that then spawns is Charles waxing poetic about Jean Grey, and it’s a really cool moment. Both Hugh and Patrick were amazing.”

Mangold decided to remove the scene from the final cut of the film because “it created an incredibly powerful lead brick in the middle of the only moment in the movie where there was a breather. Even I, with my taste for the dark, felt that it was one too many. Things go pretty shitty within seconds after that.”

Mangold says that the deleted scene will probably appear on the Blu-ray when it comes out, so we’ll all have to look for it then and cry all over again.