Twitter Is Very Emotional About 'Logan'

"This large and physically imposing gentleman sitting next to me was crying."


Logan, the final chapter for Hugh Jackman’s 17-year-long stint as Wolverine; the zenith of both his career and the entire X-Men franchise. Violent, unflinching, yet deeply moving, it’s being hailed as a very adult kind of superhero film. Based on the comic Old Man Logan, the story follows an older Wolverine past his glory days, living in a bleak Cormac McCarthy-esque, villain-dominated future. The surly mutant and lifelong loner has lost the meager joie de vivre he used to have, but he’s been entrusted with the well being of a young girl (Dafne Keen) on the run. It’s a heavy story, and audiences are loving it.

The world has embraced both the film and Jackman’s final performance wholeheartedly, as it’s brought $9.5 million to the box office on its opening day.

Here’s a round up of the best reactions on Twitter. While superhero films typically inspire a certain amount of debate and nitpicking, Logan is inspiring a universal sense of reverence, in part because it is Jackman’s last outing.

Longtime fans were unabashedly emotional to see this era of superheroics come to a close.

Seriously, there were a lot of feelings.

Many felt bittersweet about this being the end of the road for Jackman and Wolverine.

Others were at a loss for words to express their sentiments.

Others commend Jackman for defining the character so strongly that nobody else has played him.

And lastly, some fans were slightly miffed that there was no post-credit sequence, as is the custom in most superhero films.

Logan is now in theaters.

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