Watch Hugh Jackman Grunt and Roar for Logan's Rampage

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Hugh Jackman took his final bow as Wolverine in James Mangold’s Logan, which is sitting pretty at a 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. On Tuesday morning following the film’s release, the actor posted on all his social media channels a 30-second clip of his ADR (audio digital replacement) session for Wolverine’s drug-fueled rampage in the climax of Logan. And friends, it’s pretty savage.

Some spoilers here, but in the climax of Logan, Wolverine injects himself with a drug to temporarily regain his strength to rescue Laura (Dafne Keen) and other children from Alkali Transigen, the paramilitary laboratory that created mutant children as experiments. In the clip provided by Jackman himself, the actor records the savage grunts and roars Wolverine bellows out as he sprints to catch up with the Transigen convoy. To help communicate the grunts effectively, Jackman mimics his own slashing (while trying desperately to keep his headphones from falling off).

In almost all movies and TV shows, actors record additional audio — whether it be dialogue or grunts in action scenes — that couldn’t be recorded during filming. These behind-the-scenes sessions aren’t that glamorous, because it’s basically just actors with headphones on talking all day. But it’s still neat to see every aspect of how an awesome movie like Logan is put together, especially since Jackman’s shadowboxing Wolverine’s foes.

See the video from Jackman’s Instagram account below:

Logan is in theaters now.

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