'Arrow' Finally Reveals the True Identity of Prometheus

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The mysterious Prometheus has pursued the Green Arrow all season long in Arrow, but this week’s episode, “Fighting Fire with Fire,” finally unmasked the phantom archer. And, wow — it really wasn’t what anybody was expecting. Spoilers for this week’s Arrow are below.

Prometheus’s real identity is Adrian Chase. The reason why this is so shocking is because, in the comics, Adrian Chase already has another alter-ego — the lethal crime-fighter known as Vigilante. But Arrow has changed all this. Instead of being Vigilante — who has also been making Green Arrow’s life hell — Josh Segarra’s Adrian Chase is really Prometheus.

Midway through the episode, Vigilante goes after Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) only to be stopped by Prometheus. The two brawl on a Star City rooftop until Prometheus kicks Vigilante off the roof. Vigilante disappears without leaving a trace on the ground, but to Prometheus, the job is done. He gets on the phone (with whom?!?!) and takes off his mask, revealing his face to the audience. And unless Adrian’s got a twin brother we don’t know about, Adrian Chase is Prometheus.

It’s a great twist that’s tripped even comic book fans. Everyone thought that Vigilante, who has yet to be unmasked, was almost definitely Adrian Chase. And, this theory didn’t just exist because “that’s how it is in the comics,” but because Arrow purposefully tried to draw that conclusion until this week’s episode. It’s a genuine twist a lot of fans didn’t see coming.

“Fighting Fire with Fire” was a busy, breathless hour that was mostly preoccupied with Mayor Queen’s impeachment after he was framed for covering up the Green Arrow’s murder of Detective Billy Malone. Thea Queen (Willa Holland) resigns from her brother’s office citing exhaustion, and we also saw Curtis (Echo Kellum) finally build his T-Spheres, the signature sidearm of Mr. Terrific that are basically computerized Swiss Army knives.

Towards the end, Vigilante tries to assassinate Queen but he’s stopped by Diggle (David Ramsey), Wild Dog/Rene (Rick Gonzalez), and Curtis, allowing Queen to finish his speech: The Green Arrow is now an enemy of Star City. Of course, Star City doesn’t know that its own mayor — who sidesteps impeachment — is the Emerald Archer. And Mayor Queen doesn’t know the one who wants to kill him is the one who has an office just down the hall. And we don’t know who Vigilante really is. The trouble is far from over.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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