Kellyanne Conway's Weird Couch Moment Is the Perfect Meme

It doesn't even look like a comfortable position.

Getty Images / Pool

There’s no shortage of often puzzling photos coming out of the Trump White House. The latest: a few strange pictures of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway perched on an Oval Office couch with her legs folded beneath her. The internet was quick to turn the image into a meme.

The pictures were taken during a meeting between President Trump and leaders of the nation’s historically black colleges, which resulted in the announcement that Trump plans to sign a measure boosting federal support for these institutions. But thanks to these images, much of the focus quickly centered on Conway, who by now is a ripe target for political memes.

Reactions on Twitter to the picture, after it was put out in a tweet by the AFP news agency, were fairly immediate. People took the opportunity to post a wide range of reactions, from commentary on the irony of the situation to hilariously photoshopped recreations of the photo.

Some chose to comment on the level (or lack thereof) of decorum on display by Conway, since she is part of the party that was quick to criticize former President Barack Obama for perceived lapses in his own formality.

Admittedly, it’s one of the stranger memes to come out of politics in recent weeks, but it’s sparked a surprising degree of creativity among participants.

Looks like Conway’s a big fan of sandwiches.


The sitting position reminded people of a famous Forest Gump scene.


Some people really didn’t hold back.

Conway’s really channeling Kris Jenner.

Others, who couldn’t seem to resist getting in a slight jab at the president as well, also inadvertently raised some important questions.

For instance, what if there really is a Charmander in the Oval Office, as pointed out by Twitter user @darth? If so, could that be the real reason behind why the White House tours have been so slow to resume since Trump took office? If so, then this meme may have just exposed the most diabolical, House of Cards-style plot yet.

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