The 'Alien: Covenant' Crew Loves Drinking the Nostromo's Beer 


It’s tough work venturing off into the deep reaches of space to confront the unknown, particularly if that unknown features acid-blooded xenomorphs that lay waste to entire crews of spaceships like in the Alien universe. So to sit back and enjoy some pre-xenomorph downtime, crew members like Ripley’s Nostromo squad let off some steam by knocking back a few standard issue cold ones from the Weyland Yutani Aspen Beer company. Based on a new photo from the upcoming prequel, Alien: Covenant, the crew of the titular ship also has Aspen Beer brand loyalty.

The new photo from the 20th Century Fox Twitter account sported the caption, “Introducing the #AlienCovenant crew.” It’s the first time we’ve seen a complete look at the 15-member crew that will be inevitable xenomorph lunch in Alien: Covenant. There’s Katherine Waterston’s lead character Daniels, Billy Crudup’s still-unnamed captain, Danny McBride as an unnamed space trucker pilot, James Franco, and Michael Fassbender as the benevolent android Walter.

They seem happy, mostly because they aren’t currently being ripped apart by highly evolved alien organisms. But they’re also pretty cheery because the paraphernalia strewn across the table in front of them makes it seem like they’re were having one big space rager.

There’s an empty Jack Daniels bottle, rolling papers, and candy-looking things that we presume must be the best weed edibles you can get in space. But also, situated towards the back left is a recognizable beer can.

That beer can sure does look familiar. 

20th Century Fox

You can’t make out the label, but it’s definitely Aspen Beer, the same brew that Dallas and the Nostromo crew was issued before their fateful trip to LV-426 in director Ridley Scott’s original 1979 film.

You can get a quick peek at the space booze right before that film’s notorious chestburster scene.

Dallas enjoys some cool, delicious, Rocky Mountain Aspen Beer before an alien bursts from his crew-mate's chest.


Something tells us that whenever Aspen Beer is around, nothing good will happen. If you can stomach it, scope out the full scene below.

We’ll have to wait and see if an xenomorph seed bursts out of a Covenant crew member’s chest after playing some galactic drinking games when Alien: Covenant hits theaters on May 19.

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