'Star Wars' Novel 'Inferno Squad' Will Be the Bizarro 'Rogue One'


You didn’t think the Empire would just stop searching for the Rebel spies who stole the Death Star plans and ruined the Imperial base on Scarif in Rogue One, did you? A new official Star Wars canon novel called Inferno Squad, set for release in July, will pick up immediately where the events of Rogue One left off. But there’s a catch. The novel is told from the Empire’s perspective.

Written by Star Wars: Dark Disciple author Christie Golden, Inferno Squad seems like Rogue One reversed. It tracks an elite Imperial squad tasked with finding the remnants of the extremist group once led by Saw Gerrera called the “Partisans.”

Per the official synopsis: “The Partisans have carried on his extremist legacy, determined to thwart the Empire — no matter what the cost.”

We’re not entirely sure which members of the Partisans are still around considering Jedha City and Saw’s temple hideout were completely destroyed by a single-engine Death Star laser blast in Rogue One. But if Jyn and her ragtag group of Rebels managed to escape, then it’s safe to say that others got off Jedha safely as well.

There’s also no word on exactly who makes up the elite squad meant to weed them out, but it seems like all the Death Troopers weren’t available. The official synopsis says the Inferno Squad was specifically assembled in response to the Imperial defeat during the battle on Scarif, and asks, “As the danger intensifies and the threat of discovery grows, how far will Inferno Squad go to ensure the safety of the Empire?”

Here’s the tentative cover art below:

The Inferno Squad is on fire. 


It seems that some members of the Inferno Squad might not be as loyal to the Empire as they’re supposed to be. The Inferno Squad will test their loyalty when the new novel hits shelves on July 25.

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