Batgirl Artist's Official 'Logan' Poster Is Somehow Scary and Adorable


Laura’s never looked cuter or scarier. A new collection of posters for 20th Century Fox’s Logan features Wolverine; a tiny, fearsome X-23; and an aged Professor X.

Online pre-order service Atom Tickets teamed up with 20th Century Fox to give away professionally created, limited-edition posters to fans who pre-order Logan tickets on the Atom Tickets app. The artists chosen to render the posters were Art Adams, Nate Powell, Babs Tarr, Becky Cloonan, Jeff Lemire, and Bill Sienkiewicz. All of them are big-time names in the comics industry, so the posters are fittingly impressive.

Tarr, the artist behind most of DC’s Batgirl of Burnside, which helped bring Batgirl back into the public eye, tweeted about her official poster on Friday, saying, “check out that tiny badass.” The poster shows Laura and Logan ready for battle. Logan looks enormous compared to Laura, who’s equally terrifying and adorable.

Check out the six different Logan posters below, which mostly feature the titular Wolverine with some X-23 and Professor X thrown in for good measure.

Art Adams 'Logan' poster.

Atom Tickets/20th Century Fox/comicbook.com

Babs Tarr 'Logan' poster.

Becky Cloonan 'Logan' poster.

Bill Sienkiewicz 'Logan' poster.

Jeff Lemire 'Logan' poster.

Nate Powell 'Logan' poster.

Logan premieres in theaters March 3.

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