Stolen Alien Tech Might Kill the Resistance on ‘Colony’

Josh Holloway, Victor Rasuk, and Sarah Wayne Callies walking in "Colony"

After managing to hack an alien drone in last week’s episode of Colony, Broussard’s fellow Resistance members tried to get crafty by tweaking their stolen bit of alien tech — but it cost one of them their life.

The primary Resistance faction is a barebones operation. Broussard is off skulking around trying to figure out who’s part of the more extremist faction of the Resistance called the Red Hand. Meanwhile, Morgan, Simon, and BB are holed up in hiding somewhere trying to see if bits of the alien gauntlet they stole in the Season 1 finale can be used to gain information on the Hosts. They don’t get very far.

While trying to mess with the alien tech, BB begins to cough up blood (partly on Simon’s face, we might add), and collapses.

He’s in deep trouble for a few reasons. One: great medical care is hard to come by in alien-occupied Los Angeles; and two: there are Resistance wanted posters with their faces on them plastered all over town. Luckily Morgan realizes they can use Katie’s pity to their advantage. Morgan risks her life tracking down Katie and asks her for help. “We’re stuck underground in a bunker like prisoners,” she pleads. Out of the goodness of her heart — not to mention the cause — she has Will blackmail a doctor in the Green Zone to help them out, risking everyone’s lives in the process. But they finally get some answers.

It turns out the alien tech is gushing radiation all over the place, but the sickness is only focused on BB — for now. The doctor gives him 48 hours to live, and Bowman brings him to his bombed out house for a last hurrah and a soldier’s goodbye.

A gunshot echoes from Bowman’s gun, and the main Resistance loses yet another member. But, any of them could be next. Even though they start storing the alien tech in a lead-lined box, it’s safe to say that all their efforts to try and counter the alien threat with their own might be for naught. Getting any significant answers out of the mysteries of Colony might be even more worthless.