Wolverine Breaks a Rifle on His Own Knee in New 'Logan' Clip

YouTube.com/20th Century Fox

Wolverine’s adamantium bone may not be as strong as it should be in the new film Logan, but it’s still sturdy enough to break some poor sap’s rifle. In a new clip from James Mangold’s Logan, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is trespassing on private property when a blowhard with a shotgun threatens him to leave. You can guess where things go from there.

The minute-long clip isn’t revelatory to the plot, so you don’t need to snoop for clues to any more X-Men films. In the grand scheme, the clip looks like a minor inconvenience for Weapon X on his tiresome road trip to escape with Laura (Dafne Keen), who isn’t present in the clip.

The scene begins with Wolverine and a companion with an undecipherable name — Southwestern accents are strong here — are confronted by property owners. They’re trespassing, and even though they have an “agreement with the previous owner,” it doesn’t fly with these guys. Sadly, these unfortunate souls have no clue they’re messing with the one called Wolverine.

When Wolverine calmly tries to get them to skedaddle, they point their guns at him, but Logan — even in his old age — is still faster and stronger than any average man. So he does a cool-as-hell “knee smash” to the man’s rifle. It might be the final Wolverine movie, but the dude’s still got it.

Check out the clip from Logan below.

Logan will be released in theaters March 3.

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