Twitter Has Been Mercilessly Roasting 'Iron Fist' for Days


Marvel’s Iron Fist will be the next binge appointment for fans of the MCU on Netflix when it premieres March 17. But new photos of the series with Caucasian actor Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) as lead hero Danny Rand has made Iron Fist a target for mockery not seen since — well, last month, when The Young Pope became an ironic phenomenon. Keeping true to the comic books was no protection against the mockery Twitter could fling, and while fans are looking forward to Iron Fist, others are using it as an opportunity to voice frustration.

Danny Rand (Jones) is the heir to a wealthy billionaire who accompanies his father to the mountains for an expedition to the mystical city of K’un-Lun. After his father, mother, and his father’s business partner are killed, Danny is rescued by monks and taken to K’un-Lun, where he spends 15 years training in martial arts to eventually inherit the power of the Iron Fist. The Netflix series begins when Danny returns to New York City to continue his father’s enterprise while an ancient threat forces Danny to use his powers.

Although a popular character in Marvel’s comics, the decision to keep Danny Rand white was criticized by those who thought Iron Fist could have been a prime opportunity for an Asian actor to take on the role. Hollywood has an awful track record with diversity, even more so with Asian actors, making Iron Fist look tired to those who want diverse programming. And Twitter was there to remind us, characterizing Danny as an insincere white male liberal who favors hot yoga studios over neighborhood civic centers.

First, when the images were first released, people had … thoughts.

Then, came the snark.

A few images of Danny at a press conference was fodder for Twitter to make up what he was saying. What does Danny think of the hashtag ##AAIronFist, which fought for an Asian-American actor to play Iron Fist? Well …

Danny knows his stances. Don’t question him, bro.

Many also questioned the legitimacy of his dragon tat.

Danny Rand isn’t the enemy. He’s an ally for women, and he loves Gilmore Girls and brunches like they all do.

Danny is also no fan of Trump and knows the hardships of Americans.

As the pictures flooded everyone’s feeds, everyone thought Danny Rand looked like that certain someone nobody liked.

A few days before, Lewis Tan, who will be playing the villain Zhou Chang in Iron Fist and had auditioned for Danny Rand, posted a quick sizzle reel of his abilities.

And Twitter didn’t just yearn for him in the role; they straight up got thirsty.

Some used the comparison “Chanel vs. Walmart.”

And Lewis Tan, though the villain, is the true hero of Iron Fist for many.

Marvel’s Iron Fist premieres March 17 on Netflix.