Jimmy Kimmel Spliced Disturbing Trump Quotes Over Lex Luthor

Comic book fans have been comparing President Donald Trump to Superman villain Lex Luthor since he announced his run, but the joke’s longevity doesn’t make it any less funny. This week, Jimmy Kimmel set the audio from Donald Trump’s interview with ABC News anchor David Muir to a scene from the old Justice League cartoon. “Here’s what happens when the Man of Steel meets the President of Gold,” Kimmel laughed, airing the clip on Thursday night’s show.

It’s pretty startling to watch President Trump’s “menacing” voice come out of Lex Luthor’s bugged out, crazy-eyed face. “The world is a total mess,” he repeats, and Superman silently accepts what Trump/Luthor is arguing, unable to butt in the way Muir attempted to during the actual interview. It’s funny but also deeply chilling.

The clip comes from a storyline on Justice League which saw villain Lex Luthor elected as the President of the United States. Kimmel’s clip cuts out before the cartoon’s shocking plot development. Superman becomes so incensed with Luthor that he actually incinerates him using his heat vision, effectively assassinating the President. That next step in logic, considering the real world implications, was probably best left on the cutting room floor.

Watch the full Kimmel Kartoon below:

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