The 10 Super Villains Most Like Donald Trump

Evil in its most purest form.

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Donald Trump has created a storm within American politics. Bigotry, nonsense, and empty rhetoric have characterized Trump’s campaign to become the next president. He’s not a lovable anti-hero. He’s inarguably a villain.

So, yeah, between his supposed wealth and almost admirable ability to talk, Trump has molded his image to impressively match ten known villains from comic books and cartoons.

10. The Penguin

He’s Gotham’s eminent corrupt bureaucrat who claims deep connections with important friends. But they all abandon ship when Batman strikes him down. We don’t have Batman in real life, unfortunately, but we do have a Penguin. Unfortunately.


9. Red Skull

An actual Nazi tyrant whose party has a fetish for the supernatural, the Red Skull has actually been spewing Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric in Nick Spencer’s run on Captain America (the controversial one that made Cap say “Hail Hydra”). But the Red Skull alone is enough to be like Trump. Their faces share the same wavelength on the color spectrum, and their most radical supporters fight to keep the same shade of white.

8. Vandal Savage

An immortal dictator who has stuck around longer than he should have. Although their biggest differences are Savage’s genius intellect, impressive athleticism, and a full head of nice hair.

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7. M.O.D.O.K.

What don’t you see in an arrogant, giant floating head hellbent on control?

In some recent storylines, M.O.D.O.K. attempts to unleash a nerve gas in New York City before he’s thwarted by Ms. Marvel and Vision. Trump, meanwhile, looks all too eager to put his finger on the nuclear trigger.

6. Frieza

A ruthless villain from Dragon Ball Z who takes over planets and flips them for profit … and who ushered in the genocide of the Saiyan race.

When Dragon Ball author Akira Toriyama talked about his iconic villain Frieza, he said he was inspired by real estate speculators whom he called the “worst kind of people.” Trump’s had a little less success in real estate, unable to conquer Atlantic City much less all of Earth. But his devastation has been the same. (Also, who wants to bet he’s still got a final form?)

5. Jabba the Hutt

This crime lord is a gross, round-shaped hustler who loves beautiful women while keeping them down, because when you’re famous, you can do whatever you want, even make them wear stupid gold bikinis.

4. Reverse-Flash

Thawne is an eternal contrarian and all around pain in the ass, and it’s not like going back in time to stop him is possible. Like Trump, Eobard’s manipulative and likes to hit you where it hurts, forcing you to wince even when the better option was to ignore him. We’re way past able to ignore him now.

3. Plankton

A failed businessman with a robot wife. He talks big and he shouts loud, but in truth, he’s a small creature hiding deep insecurities. Stepping on him only provokes him.

2. Pudgy Pig

A sinister glutton who puts his face wherever he wants to without consent. In the Pudgy Pig’s episode of Power Rangers, he devours everything at the Angel Grove Food Festival — except the spicy Mexican food. I wonder how Trump felt after his taco bowl. (Kidding! Because taco bowls aren’t Mexican.)

1. Lex Luthor

Boasts about wealth? Check. Pro-business? Check. Ran on a campaign platform of fear against aliens? Check. Ultimately taken down, left bankrupt, and removed from his own company? TBD.

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