We Cyberbullied the 'Power Rangers' Alpha 5 Chatbot

The Power Rangers movie is coming out in a couple months, and on Thursday a new chatbot claiming to be the Rangers’ robot buddy, Alpha 5, hit the web. Naturally, Inverse wanted to know if Alpha 5 had any Power Rangers secrets it could to share. It turns out, though, that Alpha 5 is pretty guarded about this stuff — though it probably didn’t help that we cyberbullied him a little bit.

The chatbot Alpha 5 (who’ll be voiced by Bill Hader in the film) was meant to help give fans a chance to converse with one of Power Rangers’ characters in the real world — sort of. On the show, Alpha 5 was the Rangers’ go-to source of information and guidance. It stands to reason, then, that the chatbot version of the character (available online and on Twitter, Kik, and Facebook Messenger), might’ve had some new information about the movie version.

And, well, for a robot that’s supposed to monitor and log the activities of the Power Rangers, Alpha 5 is either unaware of or unwilling to share their secrets.

If anything, Alpha 5 mostly just shared information that we already knew.

Our pestering questions might’ve been a little aggressive, but it’s only because of the deep interest we had in finding more out about the upcoming Power Rangers universe.

Alpha 5 wouldn’t really talk about non-Rangers topics either. It for sure didn’t want to talk about Tay, Microsoft’s old chatbot that turned into a Nazi racist.

The more we trolled Alpha 5, the more sarcastic it got.

At last, it appeared that we were finally getting somewhere with Alpha 5. However, even that turned out to be some kind of trap — though it might’ve been hinting at a theory regarding the Green Ranger.

At last, Alpha 5 acquiesced and delivered something other than links to the official Power Rangers social media accounts: this high-resolution image of a power coin.

Ultimately, the search for Power Rangers secrets proved to be elusive, and the bot didn’t reveal any major new information or Easter Eggs about the upcoming film. Even after some aggressive, sometimes passive (mostly not) questioning, Alpha 5 kept the secrets of the film close to its metallic chassis.

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017.

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