Watch the 'Black Sails' Cast Give Their Characters Advice

Luke Arnold, Tom Hopper, Hannah New, Clara Paget, and Jessica Parker Kennedy talk 'Black Sails' Season 4. 


The characters on Black Sails are fun to watch, but let’s face it: Each one is a bit of a mess. The show, which begins its fourth and final season on January 29, is brimming with thieves, liars, and would-be politicians all engaging in questionable activities for reasons they convince themselves are justifiable.

John Silver and Max have manipulated and lied, Eleanor Guthrie has betrayed, Billy Bones has killed in battle and engineered the beginning of a bloody revolution. Meanwhile, Anne Bonny has perhaps racked up the highest body count of all yet she sleeps soundly after slitting countless throats. As skilled as each character is in getting ahead in a harsh and constantly changing world, they all have aspects of their personalities that could stand to improve. In other words, they could all use some life advice.

Luckily, the cast of Black Sails sat down with Inverse to help out. In the following video, Luke Arnold (John Silver), Tom Hopper (Billy Bones), Hannah New (Eleanor Guthrie), Clara Paget (Anne Bonny), and Jessica Parker Kennedy (Max) offer advice to each other’s characters.

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The fourth and final season of Black Sails premieres on Starz on January 29.

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