There Is a World Where 'Revenge of the Sith' Is the Best 'Star Wars'

When Anakin Skywalker decided he was cool with changing his name to Darth Vader, it could have been the all time best moment in any Star Wars movie, and now there’s proof that in an alternate dimension, it was.

Artist Eric Tan created three new posters for each of the controversial Star Wars prequels, including the stunning art for Revenge of the Sith (pictured above and below). As reported by io9, his goal was to show his appreciation for “production design within” the movies, even though he “wasn’t a fan” of the stories themselves.

Still, Tan’s evocative artwork presents a glimpse into a way fans would have felt about these films if the stories had matched with the arrestingly compelling aesthetics. On paper, Anakin becoming Darth Vader is awesome, and it could have made for a good film, too. In Tan’s bizarro world, everything about Anakin Skywalker’s journey into darkness was better. Imagining a world in which the Dark Lord’s fall delivered on what fans really wanted is now a little bit easier.

Bottleneck Gallery has prints of all three of Tan’s prequel poster designs for sale right now.

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