X-23 and Wolverine Slice Some Fools Up in New 'Logan' Trailer

The second trailer for Fox’s Logan has dropped, and it’s less arty, but more bloody, than the first. We get a lot more of an in-depth look at Laura, aka X-23, this time around, watching her shoplift, scream at grown men, and use Wolverine’s back as a springboard to cut some poor guy’s jugular.

The shoplifting scene feels particularly important, because it reveals that Laura hasn’t grown up like a normal little girl. She’s somehow even more of a human wolverine than the Wolverine we all know and love, and he tells her that beating up a guy because he won’t give her free Pringles and pink sunglasses is “not okay.” But, then, of course, he steals candy for himself before busting out of the 7-11 with his bloodthirsty, tiny sidekick in tow.

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Also on display here are the film’s villains, who seem justifiably terrified of Laura. They also treat her like a dog, calling out, “No…! No…!” as she approaches. We don’t get another look at Caliban and the Morlocks, but the extra shots of Professor X suggest, as most Logan promos have so far, that he’ll kick the bucket during the film, perhaps inspiring Wolverine to take in Laura and help her control all that anger. “This is a family,” we hear Professor X say, which makes the final scene in the trailer sort of hilarious; Logan hears “make her your family” and decides that it means “teach her to launch herself off of your body like a murder missile.”

Watch the full trailer below.

Logan hits theaters March 3.

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