Deadpool Stole a Dead Woman's Fillings to Buy His First Gun

Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, Jason Keith

While Deadpool and Spider-Man are off enjoying a romantic vacation in an alternate dimension, the new Spider-Man/Deadpool #13 reveals a little more about Deadpool’s mysterious origins.

After teaming up with one another to fight off their hybrid clone daughter Itsy Bitsy, Spider-Man and Deadpool have been becoming fast friends. Whether it’s playing Overwatch with one another, or having Deadpool nurse Spider-Man back to health while dreaming of a time when the two can literally become a hybrid Spiderpool superhero, the two have become bosom buddies.

It’s why Deadpool can share with Spider-Man certain origin-story secrets, like a throwaway conversation of how Deadpool bought his first gun, and as it turns out, it required a corpse.

To put it precisely, Deadpool was able to purchase his first firearm by stealing the gold fillings from his own grandmother. In case one thinks that’s too harsh, even for Deadpool, he assures Spider-Man that his grandmother was already dead.

Deadpool's first gun

Marvel Comics, Ed McGuinness

Spider-Man/Deadpool has been an absolute delight of a series that’s actually done a lot in revealing who Spider-Man and Deadpool really are during the off-hours. While Deadpool’s romantic fascination with Spider-Man is plainer than ever in the new series, we also get to see Spider-Man at his best: sarcastic and downtrodden in equal measures.

Likewise, the series also shows that Deadpool’s humor works best when bouncing off a straightedge character like Spider-Man, making his dead grandma’s filling story all the better with a Peter Parker type to moralize the story, and chide Deadpool for his behavior.

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