Deadpool and Spider-Man Made Out at the Golden Globes

Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield sucked face when Ryan Gosling won his award.


You don’t have to be a total shipper to see that there’s a spark between Deadpool and Spider-Man. During the Golden Globes, the actors behind the characters broke the tension and made it official when Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield sucked face in the background as Ryan Gosling took an award.

Reynolds, who was sublime as the Merc With a Mouth in 2016’s Deadpool, was nominated for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, but he ultimately lost to Gosling as part of La La Land’s domination of the night. Wade Wilson took it in stride, though. As the other Ryan’s name was called, Reynolds leaned over to Garfield, who played Spidey in the short-lived Amazing Spider-Man series.

As BuzzFeed’s Jarrett Wieselman noted, Reynolds found great comfort in Garfield. As well he should have! Deadpool and Spider-Man would want it that way. The web-slinger can’t display “great responsibility” all the time — especially when Ryan Reynolds is around.

So, yes, Reynolds didn’t win for Deadpool, but at least the night wasn’t a total loss. And you have to wonder … just what would Wade Wilson have done with a Golden Globe if he’d gotten his hands on it?