Batman and The Flash Will Chase Watchmen in Four-Part Series

DC Comics

Who watches the Watchmen? Beginning in April, it might be Batman and The Flash.

In a four-part mini-series “The Button” coming April 19 and starting with issues #21 and #22 of Batman and The Flash, the two Justice League members investigate the bloodied smiley face button uncovered in the Batcave last summer in DC Universe: Rebirth #1. The button is an icon from Alan Moore’s 1988 seminal graphic novel Watchmen, worn by the government-sanctioned mercenary The Comedian whose death kicked off a killing spree of superheroes.

Although Watchmen was published by DC, the story took place in a separate world away from the mainstream DC Universe, leaving the truth of “Rebirth” shrouded in mystery. Not surprising, fans have theories as to who is responsible — Doctor Manhattan? Ozymandias? — and why.

The brief teaser released by DC Comics also hints that a “third party” disrupts Batman and The Flash in a mystery “woven throughout time.” Perhaps not everything will be revealed when “The Button” concludes, but the arc will definitely be the first step in a long journey to getting answers.

The comics will be written by both series’ writers, Tom King and Joshua Williamson, with artists Jason Fabok and Howard Porter on illustrations. DC will also release lenticular covers by Fabok featuring Batman and The Flash.

Check out the two covers below. First, here’s Batman, who found the smiley face in the Batcave last year.

Cover of 'Batman' #21

DC Comics

Below, The Flash, who has also had a crucial role in Rebirth. The Flash was responsible for the original reset in 2011’s Flashpoint, which began the New 52 continuity. But there are hints that Flash wasn’t acting completely in control.

Cover of 'The Flash' #22

DC Comics

Batman #20, part one of “The Button,” will be released April 19.

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