The Power Rangers Mistake Batman for a Lord Zedd Monster

DC Comics

Batman strikes fear in the hearts of criminals, but he only looks like a gothic gargoyle monster. But to the bright, sunny Power Rangers, they mistake Batman for one of Lord Zedd’s henchmen in Justice League/Power Rangers #1, out today from DC Comics and BOOM! Studios. Maybe it’s the ears?

In the crossover from Tom Taylor and Stephen Byrne, the Power Rangers enter a wormhole and land in the DC Universe where they meet Batman and The Flash for the first time. The Black Ranger, the first sent through, immediately picks a fight with Batman, thinking he’s working for Lord Zedd. It takes a lot of guts to just, y’know, fight Batman, but bless Black Ranger for being bold. Batman, who “doesn’t know what a Zedd is,” restrains the Power Ranger until the others come rushing in.

The Power Rangers prove their mettle, and establish exactly what they’re capable of, when they outnumber and overwhelm Batman, until The Flash swipes their weapons. The issue ends in a spectacle between Zord and Batmobile, and you have to guess which vehicle wins that one. (Hint: It’s the pink one.)

Although feeling like a page or two short, issue #1 of Justice League/Power Rangers is a fun blockbuster of a comic with attractive art from Stephen Byrne. The Power Rangers and the Justice League have never looked better, and now that they’re together, fans of both sides are in for a thrill.

Below, Batman makes his presence known by warning the Black Ranger with blinding lights from the Batmobile.

The DC Universe and the Power Rangers meet at last to the delight of hardcore fans everywhere.

DC Comics

That’s when the fists — or, rather, axes — start flying.

Batman meets the Black Ranger in 'Justice League/Power Rangers' #1

DC Comics

Justice League/Power Rangers #1 is out now. Issue #2 is scheduled to release on February 8.

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