Doug Jones on His "New Breed" of 'Star Trek: Discovery' Alien

Continuing the mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, Star Trek: Discovery will have at least one brand new resident alien character. Doug Jones is playing Lt. Sarua, a member of an alien species which he says is a “new breed of alien who you’ve never seen on the series before…or the movies.”

Speaking to IGN, Jones said he was “tickled pink” to be creating a new alien species and felt that it was an easier choice than taking from “existing folklore” and “trying to appease the fans.”

Lt. Saru will the the science officer aboard the USS Discovery, a role which has gone to other resident “alien” characters in previous incarnations of Star Trek. Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy of Vulcan was the first and most famous alien science officer, while Lt. Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell) of Deep Space Nine was part of the symbiotic species known as the Trill.

Because Discovery is technically a prequel to the original series and all the Star Treks (other than Enterprise) introducing a new alien species could be viewed as an inherent bit of retroactive continuity. Then again, it’s a big galaxy, and Star Trek loves bringing on tons of new aliens all the time.

Lt. Saru and the name of the species will likely be revealed soon. Star Trek: Discovery starts filming this month.

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