6 Artists Who Could Perform at Trump's Inauguration

The best case scenario for Trump's big day is full of people you've never heard of.

Getty Images / Drew Angerer

Donald Trump’s transition team is having a bit of trouble finding musicians to play at the upcoming inauguration. While Obama had no shortage of big names perform at his — including Jay Z, Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, and Alicia Keys — Trump’s campaign and post-election months have not been characterized by a similar degree of support from the stars. And Trump’s not happy about this.

Besides a 16-year-old America’s Got Talent singer, the inaugural lineup includes appearances by the Radio City Rockettes (who have been prohibited from boycotting the event by their union) and most of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It’s not exactly going to be Coachella on Inauguration Day.

But that’s not to say Trump didn’t have any musically-proficient supporters during the election. Here’s who Trump’s team could possibly try to nab considering their past connections with the president-elect:

6. Paris Hilton

Back in 2013, Paris Hilton signed with Cash Money Records and has had a pretty long musical career. She also revealed that she voted for Trump. She’s no Beyoncé, but she is reportedly a childhood friend of Ivanka’s, and that has to count for something, right?

With a little bit of mental gymnastics, her song “Come Alive” could even be made to fit with Trump’s Make America Great Again mantra. Plus, judging by the rest of the people on this list, Hilton may just be the most widely accessible person Trump can get.

5. Loretta Lynn

The country music singer, who (perhaps ironically) was several years ago awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Obama for her contributions to country music, invited Trump to “call me” early last year after voicing her support for him. She also mentioned that her audiences responded well to her voicing support for Trump during shows. More than anything else, though, Lynn’s lasting hit “Coal Miner’s Daughter” would be heroically applicable to Trump’s base.

4. Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton performs onstage during the grand opening of the T-Mobile Arena on April 6, 2016, in Las Vegas.

Getty Images / Kevin Winter

That’s right, Mr. Las Vegas himself was all aboard the Trump train. He was actually a very early supporter, telling Fox and Friends in October 2015, “I love Donald, and he would make a great president.” It does make sense that Newton, with a Vegas appetite for gaudy showmanship, would find Trump’s style attractive. You can almost picture it: Newton, golden microphone in hand, standing on a solid gold stage ornamented with expensive-looking flourishes, singing to an audience that’s just glad Paris Hilton’s set is over. It’s a match made in a gilded room that could very well be Trump’s idea of heaven.

3. Kid Rock

Kid Rock told Rolling Stone in early 2016 that he’s “digging Donald Trump”, and he’s been behind Trump ever since. If people don’t mind songs about drinking and smoking “funny things” at the presidential inauguration, then Kid Rock might not be a bad way to go. It’s a safe bet that Trump himself would get a kick out of it, considering Kid Rock’s flamboyantly American persona and denim-clad dirtbag appearance. Plus, the rest of us would get to see Paul Ryan pretending that he’s into it.

2. Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent is the guy who, in 2013, called for Hillary Clinton and Obama to be hanged over the September 2012 Benghazi attacks. “Our unholy rotten soulless criminal America destroying government killed 4 Americans in Banghazi,” Nugent wrote in a Facebook post on the issue. (That’s his spelling of Benghazi, for the record.) “Obama & Clinton, thats who. They should be tried for treason & hung. Our entire fkdup gvt must be cleansed asap.”

With an attitude like that, it’s easy to see why Trump’s candidacy was so attractive to Nugent. He even went so far as to demand that Trump be given the Medal of Freedom for speaking his mind. Nugent would probably jump at the chance to play at the inauguration. And just a reminder: Nugent’s hit song, “Jailbait,” is about having sex with a minor because she looks “too good to be true.” Maybe a little on the nose for Mr. Trump.

1. Kanye West

If Kanye performed at Trump’s inauguration, it would be a momentous occasion. Kanye did say during a concert, “If I would have voted, I would have voted for Trump,” drawing a harsh reaction from fans in response. The rapper also featured a naked Trump in his video for “Famous”, not to mention, he met with the president-elect in Trump Tower after the election. Performing at the inauguration, regardless of whether or not he actually likes Trump, seems right up Kanye’s alley.