Get a Full POV Look at the Hong Kong Disney Iron Man Ride


If you can’t manage to get yourself to Hong Kong in time for the 2017 opening for the park’s new Iron Man Experience ride, Theme Park Review has your back, posting the full POV video of the ride’s interactive film online.

The Iron Man Experience is one of the first in the new line of Marvel attractions coming to various Disney theme parks around the world. Park attendees will board the physical “Iron Wing” cockpit, before launching into a virtual ride where riders play the role of Stark Expo attendees testing out Tony Stark’s newest mobile vehicle in Hong Kong before Hydra interferes and attempts to steal the Arc Reactor sitting atop Stark Towers Hong Kong.

The ride seems to take place sometime after Age of Ultron due to the presence of Stark’s newest AI, FRIDAY, but a Cantonese JARVIS still apparently exists in this ride, despite having been transformed into Vision.

The entrance to the ride is designed to look like a Stark Expo, complete with tech demos and product launches like “Stark Vision” which are actually 3D glasses riders wear during the actual ride.

As for the ride itself, the Iron Man Experience takes riders on a tour through a virtual Hong Kong in Tony Stark’s new Iron Wing vehicle powered by an AI he refers to as JARVIS (even though JARVIS should be Vision at this point). As HYDRA launches an invasion on Hong Kong to steal Stark’s arc reactor, riders are taken alongside Iron Man as he battles large, tentacled robots.

The Robert Downey Jr. voice impersonator does a pretty good job, and the ride feels like a good encapsulation of Iron Man’s quippy heroics. All the while, familiar jokes from past Iron Man films make appearances. One of my favorite details in the ride is the disgruntled Stark Industries employee seen shaking her head as Iron Man and the riders in the Iron Wing return to base.

The Iron Man Experience is expected to launch in early 2017, but this is a pretty full look at the ride for those of you not willing to invest in a trip to Hong Kong. Another ride based on the Guardians of the Galaxy will be hitting Disney California Adventure if you want a Marvel Disney experienced based in North America.