This Motorized, Life-Sized Iron Man Suit Costs Just $365,000


What does it take to become an Avenger? Tony Stark has genius intellect, but if you have $365,000 you too could become Iron Man with a fully-motorized, life-sized Mark 43 armor. You can’t wear it, unfortunately, but still, worth it.

A new collectible “figure” from Chinese toy company The Toys Asia, Iron Man’s Mark 43 armor from 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is recreated to stunning, actual life proportions. 567 individual parts run on 40 motors, which enable the suit to open up in an unbelievable display that lasts under 30 seconds. The open suit offers a rare opportunity to look at the gorgeous inner workings of Tony Stark’s armor, which no premium action figure can ever provide.

Because of the delicate machinery at work, as well as the fact Iron Man’s suits are supposed to fit only Tony Stark’s silhouette, this Mark 43 armor is not wearable in any capacity. There’s just simply not enough room for any person to fit in comfortably, so if you’re willing to drop fat cash for the world’s most impressive Halloween costume, look elsewhere.

Officially licensed from Marvel, the armor “toy” is clearly appealing to a certain, elite brand of collectors. But hey, one can dream. Also, have better dreams.

Check out the impressive video below, along with some images from The Toy Asia’s website.

Here’s the suit, which comes with the display stand.

The Toy Asia

Here’s the suit, now completely opened up.

Below, a closer look at the upper body of the Mark 43 armor.


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