The Best #HolidayPikachu Catches on the 'Pokemon GO' Update

They're everywhere!


Niantic’s big Pokémon GO update is here, with it is the adorable Holiday Pikachu, a version of the tiny electric mouse with a festive Santa Hat.

The update also released Pikachu’s un-evolved form, Pichu, but to snag that little critter you’ll have to find an egg and hatch it. The hat-wearing Pikachu, however, are all out in the world, and people have been finding them everywhere. Niantic encouraged trainers to post their best captures with the #HolidayPikachu hashtag on social media, and so far, Twitter has been flooded with trainers finding the little mice in the wild.

So far, they’ve shown up in the snow, in classrooms, in restaurants, and in people’s bedrooms, so break out your smartphone where ever you are and see if you get lucky, there could be a Holiday Pikachu near you right now. You can clearly identify them by the little Santa hat on top of their heads.

Here’s a Holiday Pikachu just hanging out in someone’s cafeteria or restaurant.

Here’s a compilation of one found on the side of the road, like a poor abandoned animal but a Pokémon instead.

Here’s a Holiday Pikachu sharing space with some awesome Funko POP! action figures and a Lana Del Rey album. Is the holiday Pikachu’s festive cheer just a front for a deep, lingering depression inside?

Here’s a holiday Pikachu left out in the snow, forced to use its Electric powers for warmth to prevent its tiny adorable paws from falling off.

But it’s all going to be okay — here’s a much happier Holiday Pikachu in a normal urban center.

And even better: Holiday Pikachu totally evolves into a Holiday Raichu as well.

Happy hunting, trainers.

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