'Final Fantasy XV' Patch Updates Could Introduce “God Mode”

The development team may be adding more than unlimited health. 

Square Enix

Beating Final Fantasy XV can take up to 100 hours for a normal player, but thanks to some forthcoming updates, players might be spending much longer in Eos than that. In fact, future patch updates could give players one of the best possible replay options there is: God Mode.

Just a week following the initial release of Final Fantasy XV on the Xbox One and PS4, Square Enix made the announcement that it was going to continue updating the game past what was originally planned via the season pass because of the great reception the game has received thus far. The goal? For players to enjoy Final Fantasy XV for a long time — and the introduction of a god mode being made available on your second playthrough could certainly be a reason for another go depending on how it’s handled.

Additions like these are essentially uncharted territory for the Final Fantasy franchise, but if played correctly could be a redeeming quality for players looking to attempt multiple playthroughs with different modifiers akin to something you might see from the Elder Scrolls community. While the development team could go the easy route by implementing a standard god mode with unlimited health and resources for use in combat, it’s more likely that we’ll see something that fits in with the in-game narrative. Meaning you might see it as part of the game’s $25.00 season pass.

I am a god.. hurry up with my damn croissant. 

Square Enix

Without giving away any major spoilers, it’s safe to say that Noctis gains some absolutely wild magical abilities during his quest to reclaim the throne during Final Fantasy XV’s main questline. By adding the various Royal Arms scattered throughout Eos to your collection as Noctis, your magical abilities tied to your family line slowly start to show themselves over the course of the narrative, leading to some epic boss battles where Noctis can use the full power of his magic. Unfortunately, these experiences are limited, which is where the implementation of a god mode might come in handy.

It isn’t too crazy to assume that a god mode for Final Fantasy XV could alter the beginning of the story to grant you all the powers Noctis ends up obtaining over the course of the story immediately once you leave Insomnia for the first time, or even allow you to carry them over into a new playthrough once you’ve cleared the game. Naturally, this would make for a less challenging experience at the beginning, but one that could open plenty of fresh paths to explore much earlier on and combat strategies to try out thanks to end-game abilities being available from the start. But of course, we won’t know all the specifics until Square Enix decides to provide a little more information regarding the mode in the coming weeks.

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