15 of the Goofiest Prompto Photos From 'Final Fantaxy XV'

The 'Final Fantasy' franchise has never felt so delightfully silly.

Final Fantasy XV was bound to come out with a bevy of new features given the installment’s been offered up as the saving grace for the franchise. There’s so much to learn and do: About magic, about kingdoms, about cars, and about how Gladiolus stays so swole. Among a number of franchise firsts is the inclusion of a character — Prompto — who randomly takes photos of in-game experiences at all sorts of moments. Whether you want them or not, these photos are coming as part of your journey, so laugh off Prompto’s constant pestering with these choice examples of the photo feature at its absolute goofiest.

15. When soldiers shit the bucket

14. Prompto taking a selfie with some asshole

13. That’s … an … interesting move

12. Is he doing a … oh god

11. When you find the spawn of Big Bird and Barney

10. Welp … RIP

9. “We in tha red light DISTRICT!”

8. Prompto can be a bit of a perv

7. Do you even lift, bro?


5. “I’m glad I still get to choke the chicken on this trip!”

4. Seize the … moment?

3. TFW they finally send nudes

2. First selfies and now dabbing?

1. “Man, you just GET me, birdperson, ya know?”

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