Casting Rumor Might Confirm Princess Leia in 'Rogue One'

There are already rumors circulating that a young Princess Leia will make an appearance in Rogue One, thanks in no small part to director Gareth Edwards himself, but there’s another bit of speculation to add to the pile: the actress playing her.

A Reddit post claims to have the list of main actors appearing in Rogue One. It mentions that Ingvild Deila, a Norwegian actress with an appearance in Age of Ultron, has been cast as Princess Leia. There is no visual proof to back this up, so you have to take it with the biggest grain of salt. Deila would be an excellent choice to play a young Leia. She’s definitely got Carrie Fisher’s cheekbones.

The post says the part includes “special thanks to Carrie Fisher,” which is sometimes included when CGI is used to digitally impose their appearance on someone else … like what HBO did in Westworld with Anthony Hopkins.

Ingvild Deila / Spotlight

The credits also reportedly include a “special thanks” to Peter Cushing in the part of Tarkin, being played by Guy Henry, which could mean digital effects will recreate his appearance as well.

The casting list includes C-3PO, with speculation that R2-D2 was not included because Kenny Baker, the actor who played him in the past, died recently. Of course, none of this will likely be confirmed until Rogue One hits theaters December 16. Until then, we’ll watch, wait, and hope … because rebellions are built on hope.

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