Here's How Twitter Reacted to the 'Westworld' Season Finale 

Even if fans saw the twists a mile away, the enthusiasm was almost universal. 


The Westworld season finale brought with it plot twists and a few confirmations of several fan theories, though for most viewers, the big plot confirmations probably outweighed the minor twists. But was everybody satisfied? There’s been an insane amount of pressure on Westworld to deliver solid ends to its myriad storylines, and though there were a few surprises, was everyone happy with the result?

Mild spoilers for Westworld follow.

If Twitter is any indication then the answer is a nearly unanimous “yes.” The finale of the HBO drama Westworld was a success, even if fans saw lot of this stuff coming a mile away. But, it was probably an even better experience if you didn’t know what was going to happen. The meaning of the maze has been revealed — assuming you understand the differences between pyramids, circles, and the words “upward” and “inward” — and all the other confusing non-linear storylines are pretty much wrapped up, too. Timelines have been confirmed, guns were fired, and it seems most who took to Twitter were celebrating.

Will thinking of Westworld as a “good” version of Lost become it’s battle cry? Or epitaph?

Who is a god? What does it meant to be alive? Is Westworld the second coming? Science fiction hasn’t seen this much religious fervor since the series finale of Battlestar Galactica. But the difference this time, is people actually liked this finale.

The maze, and the twists associated with it were totally well-received.

Perfect? Apparently.

But, maybe they didn’t see all the twists coming, some were genuinely surprised, shocked, and freaked out.

But, not everyone loved it. Westworld may have had clever competing narratives, but the reliance on violence and trauma was probably the least forward-thinking, intellectual thing about the show.

Still, if you’re a Hemsworth, and you’re in Westworld, there’s a chance you thought the whole thing was “sublime.”

Westworld will return in 2017. And there’s already speculation about its next season.

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