Planet Jedha Is a "War Zone" in New 'Rogue One' Clip


Jedha is a war zone in the upcoming standalone Star Wars movie, so says a new clip that was unveiled during a special Twitter Q&A celebrating the release of Rogue One](https://www.inverse.com/topic/rogue-one).

Fans had to sit through some pretty softball comments from the moderator and a sort of lackadaisical cast (minus Diego Luna who seemed genuinely pumped to be there), but the social media event ended with a brand new clip featuring Jyn (played by Felicity Jones), Luna’s character Cassian Andor, and reprogrammed Imperial security droid K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) in a U-wing bicker about their next moves.

It’s tough to pinpoint exactly when this clip takes place in the new movie, but it has to be at some point early on. In the scene Jyn takes a blaster from Cassian, who seems to still be a bit skeptical of this random person recruited by the Rebellion to help them steal the plans to the Death Star. They share some back and forth comments about trust and friendship, and then Cassian heads back to his pilot seat to assure Kaytoo that everything is going according to plan.

Cassian looking pretty skeptical of Jyn in a new clip from 'Rogue One'


It’s interesting if not obvious that they’d want to paint Jedha as a dangerous place. As freedom fighter Saw Gerrera said in one of the trailers, “The world is coming undone. Imperial flags reign across the galaxy.” Jedha apparently used to be some sort of holy place for the now-eradicated Jedi, and to make matters worse it’s being used by the Empire to mine for the natural resource called kyber crystals that powers the Death Star.

Cassian and K-2SO, BFFs.


But heading into an Imperial stronghold hasn’t stopped heroes in Star Wars before. Han and Luke went headfirst into the Death Star detention level to spring Leia from the clink. It seems we’ll now get our own behind enemy lines story in Rogue One too.

We’ll update this post once video of the clip ends up online.

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