Rocket Raccoon’s New Solo Comic Looks Appropriately Raunchy

Marvel Comics

Don’t call him a raccoon, damn it. Guardian of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon is trapped on Earth, the muddy home planet of those fuzzy things people are always comparing him to. Oh, and it’s also the home world of that idiot teammate of his, Peter Quill. Rocket is finally getting his first solo comic from Marvel, Rocket Raccoon, of which the first issue will be available December 28.

The preview of the first issue of Rocket’s adventures shows him causing havoc around New York City. The illustrator behind Rocket Raccoon, Jorge Coelho, confirmed in an interview with Marvel.com that Rocket definitely isn’t a fan of being stranded on Earth, and that having such an expressive character to work with has made it that much easier of a thing to express.

“I would add that Rocket is not a fan of much,” Coelho said. “He’s got that Groucho vibe going on, which is fun to draw with a cute little face. I try to walk that line between a rusty Clint Eastwood and cute Puss ‘n Boots look in the pages.”

The first issue’s cover features a decidedly pissed off Rocket trapped in what looks to be an animal shelter. Sad, doe-eyed cats and dogs stare through the bars around him. Maybe Rocket will break them out so they can be happy again. And, y’know, cause some mild chaos.

One variant of the issue #1 shows a toned-down art piece of Rocket holding one of his famed, larger-than-appropriate guns and in his Guardians of the Galaxy getup.

The second is built like a collectibles box. Rocket and his friend Groot hang around in more classic outfits.

The final variant cover is a simple, head-on shot that suspiciously resembles a mugshot, except that Rocket appears to be naked. Maybe he’ll be forced to go commando for some missions on Earth to blend in like a real raccoon.

The first of four panels depicts Rocket looking out over Times Square, probably hardcore judging every single person he sees.

And, of course, he can’t resist trying to get a peep at some naked women. Typical. But he’s promptly kicked out by a security guard in his usual style.

It’s a mystery as to why a subway car has separated itself — hopefully Rocket himself wasn’t the cause of that.

And, finally, Rocket stands in a subway station, facing off against a ridiculously decked-out, overly aggressive SWAT team. That just looks like overkill, even for a talking raccoon.

Be on the lookout for Rocket Raccoon #1 on December 28.

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