Marvel's Wasp Shares Black Widow and Bucky's Dark Past

Marvel Comics

Nadia Pym, the long-lost daughter of Hank Pym and Maria Trovaya, recently made her debut as the new Wasp in the Marvel Universe, and the first previews of her book released by Marvel showcases the new hero enjoying her turn int he spotlight. Which is good considering she came out of the same, dark Red Room program that birthed ex-Soviet spies like Black Widow and the Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes.

The Red Room is a Soviet training program in the Marvel Universe that was responsible for creating some of the Soviet Union’s most fearsome spies. Natasha Romanoff is just one of the many widows that came out of the Red Room, but branches of the organization also created certain characters like Winter Soldier, and scientists like Nadia who inherited her parents’ acumen for STEM. Luckily for her, it’s thanks to her skills and access to her father’s research that allows her to recreate the Pym shrinking tech, and escape from the Red Room.

Wasp OriginsElsa Charretier

The first previews of her book showcase Wasp palling around with other heroes like Ms. Marvel and Mockingbird, and fighting giant robots.

Wasp #1Elsa Charretier

Of course, these characters being who they are, the robot seems like less a priority than having fun.

Wasp vs. Giant RobotElsa Charretier

Despite coming out of the Red Room, it looks, on the outside at least, that Nadia is more-or-less just happy to be alive, and not at all carrying the angsty baggage Natasha and Bucky brought with them out of the same program.

Wasp #1Elsa Charretier

Wasp #1 hits comic book retailers January 4, 2016.